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Directions of Philately - Part 2

Directions of Philately - Part 2

Currently I believe that new generations of philatelists in countries with philately tradition and especially in countries like Brazil, China, Russia, India and many in Latin America are more conscious about philately and start your own collections for their own convictions, less influenced by industry. The Internet has boosted the barter and ecommerce without intermediaries, and therefore there can be greater longevity of their collections without illusions of millionaires profits. Many people acquire without intentions of profiting. But caution is needed in ecommerce because there may be abuse and fraud when it comes to items of greater value. 

As for the collection types, the classical still persist and many contemporary collectors organize their collections by countries or periods. The thematic collections gain followers every day because they are, as the chosen theme, more affordable.

I myself am a fan of thematic collections, but a collection type may still exist: I do not know how to sort and do not know has already been classified but I thought about it when I read Helen's Blog "I Heart Post" and after Stamp Magazine Blog by Adrian Keppel: organize a stamp collection according with the design, whatever the country of origin, year or themes, in which the collector only cares if the stamps were designed in the style pop art, medieval, industrial design, computer design, childhood drawing, art of the Cold War, art Nouveau, etc..

A question about the future of philately is also the catalogs. With the advent of computers and the internet is easier for the collector follow emissions of most countries. Although the published catalogs are excellent, few collectors are willing or can purchase them. For new generations of collectors perhaps the next step is to create wiki stamp catalog. Something perfectly viable and realizable which would involve the collaboration of thousands of collectors in the world, although a wiki project today has limitations regarding the assignment of the value to each stamp. But perhaps the chance to register the true fair value between supply and demand. Only time will tell. One thing is certain: while there is philately, will always be necessary specialists  and researchers.

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