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The Women Pioneers of Aviation in Brazil

Set of stamps issued in Brazil in 2000.

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A little bit about their story ...

Thereza de Marzo (São Paulo, August 4, 1903 - Sao Paulo, February 9, 1986)

She was the first Brazilian woman to pilot a plane.
Thereza de Marzo performed his first solo flight on March 17, 1922. Subsequently made ​​four flights soil.
She integrated the flight that received Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho, the Portuguese aviators who carried out the first air crossing of the South Atlantic

Anésia Pinheiro (Itaí, June 5, 1904 - Brasília, May 10, 1999)

She was a woman pilot contemporary of Thereza de Marzo.
In 1943, he studied in the United States, where he also graduated as a pilot and flight instructor.
Among the pioneers made ​​stand out a crossing of the Andes and a transcontinental trip by the three Americas, both in 1951.

Ada Rogato (São Paulo, December 22, 1910 - São Paulo, November 15, 1986)

The first Brazilian woman pilot to cross the Andes; done done eleven times, round trip in 1950;
The only woman aviator in the world, until 1951, covering an area of ​​51,064 km flight in solitary for the Americas, coming to Alaska, the trip took about six months;
The first woman to reach the airport in La Paz, Bolivia, the world's tallest until then (1952), with a flight of only 90 HP - unprecedented in Bolivian history of aviation;
The first pilot, man or woman to cross the Amazon jungle - the dreaded "green hell" - in a small plane, no radio, in-flight alone, with only a compass (1956);
The first aviator to come alone to Tierra del Fuego at the southern end of our continent (1960).

Source: Wikipedia

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Cover from USA

Received from USA

Thanks Michelle for this cover and cool stamps.

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Cover from Russia

Received from Russia

Thanks Nastasya for this cover, the souvenir and very nice stamps. I really enjoyed them!!!

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