sábado, 22 de dezembro de 2012

Christmas Post

Madonna by Antonello da Messina
(source: commons.wikimedia.org)

During this time of year is common the collector of Christmas stamps review your collection. This year was really cool for my collection. 
The stamp on the side is one of several Christmas stamps I received from Courtney, who will always be remembered at Christmas. Because thanks to Courtney my Christmas collection got beautiful pieces, including FDCs. Helen, Sarah and Fabienne also sent me good stuff, but have not yet arrived.

I really like this stamp because is an example of how is possible to recreate the art on stamps, not merely reproduce the painting on paper, something very common today. 

A few days ago I found a blog is almost encyclopedic about Christmas stamps, check out: theosphilatelychristmas.

I wish all my friends Merry Christmas. God bless you all.


quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

Double surprise from Australia

The first surprise...I had arranged an exchange on Helen, but she decided to surprise me and sent me a cover 12.12.12!!!

The second is that I received it yesterday (18.12.12)!!!

The time it took to arrive from Moreland (Australia) in São Paulo (Brazil) was 6 days: a Record of time in relation to the letters that I get from many countries.

I think 6 days an excellent time for the distance traveled, as it involves several steps logistical and security that I can not imagine, but there must be ... If we take half that time under the custody of the postal administration of each country (3 days each) is something very consistent with reality.

If that ever happen in deliveries on distances like this, maybe more people would use the mail to communicate. Therefore congratulations to Australia Post and Correios do Brasil!!!

Helen, once again thank you for the surprise.

domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012

Philatelic news from Brazil

Brazilian fauna
A recent issue of Brazil shows to the world two feline species of native Brazilian fauna: Gato-mourisco (Puma yagouaroundi) and Jaguatirica (Leopardus pardalis).  

Gato-mourisco (Puma yagouaroundi) and Jaguatirica (Leopardus pardalis)

Herbal medicines
Andiroba, Copaíba, Muirapuama and Unha-de-gato
The stamps above show four medicinal plants native to the Amazon and also widely used by the people as herbal medicines : "Andiroba", "Copaíba", Muirapuama and "Unha-de-gato". It is a graphic design very interesting, as it brings the name of plants, written in microletters, then you need a magnifying glass to read them.

Myths and legends
Myths and legends: Manioc 
Myths and legends: Guarana
To talk about this 2 stamps, nothing better than to mention the legends that these represent. I reproduce the text of Wikipedia, because I could not remember all the details of these legends ... Guaraná Legend and Mandioca Legend
The next letter to Mik, these stamps will be on cover.

Source of all images: Correio 

segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2012

Cover from Canada

Received from Canada

Thanks Monica!!!! Nice mint mini-sheet and cover. 
These are the first stamps of Canada that will compose my theme WW1 and WW2. 

Monica's Blog