sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

Postcard from Croatia: Pope John Paul II

Postcard sent by Dragan from Croatia.
This type of postcard sent by mail from many countries already have the value of postage printed and can be aggregated stamps to complement the fare. It is the only type of postcard accepted in collections thematic for competitions philatelic official.
Thanks Dragan.

terça-feira, 17 de setembro de 2013

Cover from Canada: FDC US Navy Day 1945

A few days ago I received a letter from Laura, Canada with some nice FDCs from U.S....
One is the FDC about Navy Day, 27 October 1945 in New York Harbor. It was a big celebration shortly after the end of World War II.
On that day President Truman paid tribute to four million men and women in the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard ships and that led to victory in World War II.

I found the text of the speech at the site of the University of Virginia. It's a history lesson and also a record of the concern to maintain freedom and peace in the world.

Thank you Laura!

sábado, 7 de setembro de 2013

Cover from France: Camembert and foie gras

I received the last few days the first letter of France since I started this blog.
The cover brings two stamps with two famous icons of French gastronomy, famous around the world: camembert and foie gras. Upon receiving the letter recalled a controversy that arose in the city of São Paulo a few days ago. There is a draft law to ban the production and sale of foie gras in the city ... still do not know the outcome, but many admirers of dish might have to consume it at home or in restaurants in other cities.

Fabienne Thanks for the letter and the great stamps on saints.