domingo, 16 de junho de 2013

Cover from Canada: The Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment

A very cool cover received from Canada!

Highlighting for stamp The Princess of Wales' Own Regiment. A recent issue of the Canada Post. The regiment was formed in January 1863, took part in the Boer War in 1899, First World War, Second World War and afterwards the members served the volunteers in a number of conflicts, including Korea, and in various peacekeeping missions and, most recently, Afghanistan .
Monica, thank you for minisheet!

terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013

FDC from Germany: European Championship for Thematic Philately Essen 2013

Most of the FDC I got from Igor, Germany. It is the European Championship for Thematic Philately, held in Essen, 2-4 May 2013. The stamps are also great! Thanks a lot to the master of postmarks!

sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

FDC from Germany: environmentally friendly electric car

A nice surprise in my mailbox. Igor (master of postmarks) sent me a FDC on environmentally friendly electric car ... it seems an innovation high tech but it is not. 
This is the stamp and postmark on the vehicle produced in 1908 in Bremen, Germany for distribution of postal letters. So many of those stamps known as Deutsch Reich may have been carried by these magnificent vehicles. This FDC already takes place in my thematic collection on energy.
I thank Igor twice for kindly resend the minisheet and FDC that were damaged by rain.