sexta-feira, 29 de março de 2013

Cover from USA: Apollo-Soyuz science and friendship

I received this letter from Mik, with stamps and minisheets very beautiful. 

But I would like to highlight the two stamps on the Apollo-Soyuz space mission conducted in 1975 by the U.S. and USSR with 2 astronauts Tom Stafford, Vance Brand and Donald Slayton and 2 cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Valeri Kubasov. The spacecraft took off on July 15, 1975 and is coupled in space on July 17, 1975. Apollo 18 returned on July 24, 1975 Soyuz and returned July 21.
This was the last Apollo mission but it was very important. The mission conducted scientific experiments and crews visited the two linked spacecraft, exchanging gifts and seeds.
Thanks Mik for all these stamps and many histories.

quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2013

Cover from Germany: a bit of Zeppelin's history in Brazil

Letter sent by Sarah from Germany.

Beautiful stamps glued on the outside of the cover and inside a fantastic and FDC Postcard issued on the anniversary of the Zeppelin airship. Are two wonderful pieces for my collection about aviation pioneers.
Commemorative FDC

Zeppelin's History in Brazil

Commemorative Postcard
Deutsche Luft Hansa performed regular flights between Germany and Brazil during 1931 and 1937, were used dirigible Graf Zeppelin and LZ 129 Hindenburg. Besides helping the carriage of passengers, because the Syndicato Condor originated the first Brazilian airline Varig, Zeppelin airships were important to the Brazilian air mail. The stamps used in this service are highly coveted by collectors of the theme.
The passenger Zeppelin flight from Germany to Rio de Janeiro had connections to service planes to southern Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, which were operated by the Brazilian subsidiary of Lufthansa, Condor Syndicato.
The airship hangar was opened under the name of Bartolomeu de Gusmão Airport. The hangar is in operation today. By irony of fate this airport was transformed into a military base of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) in 1942, a few months before Brazil declared the war on Axis Powers.

More details about it:

Thank you Sarah.

sábado, 2 de março de 2013

Request to friends of

Due to the days of heavy rains here in my area, please send the letters with stamps inside the cover with sealed plastic protection.

I thank you all and I will continue with this practice in all letters that I will send.



Nice FDC from Germany - Monuments of Berlin

Another victim of the rain that has punished my city and my letters. The FDC from Germany by Igor (Master of nice postmarks). It's on the Brandenburg Gate and the Gendarmenmarkt(Cavalry's Square or Place de Gens d'Armes) of Berlin, this square full of history and from 1950 to 1991 his name was Platz der Akademie. In it there the famous statue of Friedrich Schiller.
Inside the envelope a mini-sheet very cool, unfortunately, the rain let it pasted on the envelope so it took a little dip in the water to detach.
Danke, Igor.

Olympic Cover from Italy - Apologies for rain

A great olympic cover sent by Salvatore. A nice postmark of Pompei ... this cover had been wrongly routed by Brazilian Post to an address that was not mine, hence the postmark in red (ME = Wrong Routed). Could be a great piece for postal history if not for the rain. Anyway I managed to save the mint stamps inside the envelope clung each other. The stamps are fantastic! I really liked the stamp Rome Olympic Games these were really cool at the time, according to some movies I saw. It was a golden age.
Grazie Salvatore.