sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013

Big surprise from Germany!!!

A fantastic cover from Germany!!

Sarah sent me a big surprise!!

Cool stamps and other awesome stuffs from Germany.

Sistine Madonna.
I dreamed of this minisheet for a few months. Angels below are very pop!! It's an issue really cool.

Thanks Sarah, I really enjoyed it.

Wait my surprise.

Cover from Spain

Nice cover from Spain. Nice Christmas stamps inside and outside on cover!!!

Thanks Fabienne!!! I'll continue to seek the stamps and postcards... Focus on world heritage. Always!!

domingo, 20 de janeiro de 2013

Cover from Portugal

Great cover from Portugal!!!!
Stamps of a very beautiful religious issue and the issue of joint Lubrapex 2012. All this in a cover. This is great!!!!
A curiosity about this cover is the fact that there stamp on the back. Here in Brazil the courier does not allow, which is not good for collectors, since it can not organize a thematic and cover mainly a FDC. Please tell me if this is allowed in their respective countries ...

The mini sheets that friend Luis sent are fantastic. Thanks, Luis.

sábado, 12 de janeiro de 2013

Australia Cover and Christmas Island FDC

A cover from Australia (it has not cancel) and a surprise from Helen ...
My first FDC from Christmas Island. Inside the letter also came the Christmas 2012 stamps from Australia.

Them are fantastics! Thank you Helen.

P.S.: Friends,  visit Helen's blog... it is a new look... wonderful!!!

sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013

Canada 12.12.12

Wow, this cover arrived yesterday! It's a 12.12.12 by Monica!!

This block and Christmas stamps are very cute!! Thanks Monica, I hope that my cover has come down to you.