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Cover from Germany: 100th Birthday of Konrad Zuse - computer pioneer

Letter sent by Sarah from Germany

The Sarah's covers always bring fantastics stamps. Inside always a pleasant surprise with a large FDC with postcard, full of history. 

This time an issue on 100th Birthday of Konrad Zuse, a German civil engineer, inventor and computer pioneer. Konrad Zuse created the computer called Z3 in 1941, which was the first machine with electromechanical memory and processing with a first calculation program using the operating system binary bits 0 and 1.

Zose in 1950 founded his own company, Zuse KG. In 1958 he created the Z22 that was hi the first computer designed with transistors.

Thank you Sarah!! Are great pieces for my stmap collection on computers.

Learn more about the Zose's history in:

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