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Cover from Spain: Chito...You know this sport?

I received a letter from Fabienne. The object of this letter was an exchange of mint stamps of one of the themes that I collect (saints). But as always the covers come full of history... 
I could talk about the two stamps on art: Renaissance sculptor Alonso Berruguete (1488 - 1561) or realist painter Antonio López Torres (1902-1987), but I chose to comment on the seal about a little-known sport in the world: Chito (also known as: Tanga or Tuta) ... I did not know until you see this stamp. But to see it automatically reminded of two popular sports in southern and southeastern of Brazil: Bocha and MalhaBocha is a game with balls brought by Italian immigrants  (Gioco delle Bocce), although it is also popular in France (Boules). I grew up watching games of bocce.

But Malhabrought by Portuguese immigrants,  it is practiced with the launch of metal disks toward a pin which is a few meters away. Malha is most similar to the Chito game: is to launch a drive against un cylinder (wood engraving called chito or tanga) at a distance of 22 meters on top del chito is placed a coin. Researchers about the sport say that Malha game has French and Italian origin. Malha is also very similar to Fito or Chinquilho who plays in Portugal that instead of disks uses horseshoes. Unfortunately games like these are becoming less popular in the world, as they lose space for sports like football, increasinglymassified industry and media ... I like football, but there are so many sports like these are simple, do not require large expenditures and develop various physical skills for youth and elders.

Wow! All this reflection thanks to a stamp!!
Thank you Fabienne!

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