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FDC from Russia: Cossaks, WW2 and Gagarin

I received a large Russian FDC from Nastasya ... about the Cossacks...

For centuries the Cossacks are notable for bravery and military capabilities (excellent in cavalry), and a great capacity for self-sufficiency. Even Napoleon recognized the superiority of Cossack cavalry. The Cossacks also have an important role in the battles of World War II. A Cossack detachment of the 4th Guards Corps marched in Red Square During the Moscow Victory Parade of 1945.

I liked much of the Cossacks FDC ... I just waited for the stamp on the Winter Olympics, but to open it I got a pleasant surprise: there were 3 more beautiful FDCs and stamp awaited, of course.

Commemoration of 65 years of the victory of the USSR in World War II

The two FDCs bring 4 tanks which are some of the arms of Victory. The cover features a very popular picture that symbolizes the victory over Nazism: the Soviet soldier hoisting the Soviet flag over the Reichstag building in Berlin.

FDC 50th anniversary of the conquest of space

The other FDC commemorates the 50th anniversary of the conquest of space by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.
FDCs are two great because besides the topics interested me, they have a nostalgic design.
Thank you Nastasya. Very nice!

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